Classified ads
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAboutDialogClass for displaying brief information about this sw
 CAttachmentListDialogClass for dialog for listing (attached) files
 CAudioDecoderClass for de-compressing audio received from network
 CAudioEncoderClass for compressing audio to be sent over network
 CAudioMixerClass for mixing together 0-n audio streams
 CAudioPlayerClass for playback of audio stream, via speaker or other audio dev
 CAudioSourceOpposite of audiosink
 CBinaryFileCarrier-class for binary blob
 CBinaryFileListingModelModel-class for helping display of shared binary blobs, usually from a profile
 CBinaryFileModelThis is part of datamodel for any binary blobs
 CCACarrier-class for classified ad
 CCAListingModelModel-class for helping display of classified ads
 CCallButtonDelegateClass for displaying button inside table view
 CCallStatusDialogClass for displaying voice call controls
 CCATranslatorClass for translating strings
 CClassifiedAdsModelThis is part of datamodel for storage/retrieval of classified ads
 CConnectionClass that represents a network connection
 CConnectionObserverInterface for receiving network traffic
 CConnectionListingModelModel-class for displaying open network connections This is the underlying data-container of the "network status" dialog
 CContactCarrier-class for a profile that is in contacts-list
 CContactListingModelModel-class for performing search on contact-list contacts This is supposed to act as an underlying data-container for an user-interface view (QTableView etc.)
 CContentEncryptionModelThis is content-crypto-operations-specific part of the datamodel
 CControllerClass for keeping app state
 CDialogBaseBase-class for content-posting dialogs of classified ads
 CEditContactDialogClass for editing a contact-list item
 CHashHash is class that carries 160-bit digest
 CInsertLinkDialogClass for editing link to be inserted into edited text
 CJSonWrapperClass for wrapping engine to (de)serialize json
 CManualConnectionDialogClass for manually adding node connection wishlist-item
 CMControllerPure-virtual interface class for controller. This is spammed across parties needing access to application controller. Reason for this interface is that for testing purposes we can replace real controller with a dummy mock-up
 CMetadataQueryDialogClass for querying metadata of file about to get published
 CMModelProtocolInterfacePure-virtual interface of datamodel for message parser to use
 CMNodeModelProtocolInterfacePure-virtual interface of nodemodel
 CMockUpControllerController for testing purposes only. Not included in real binary
 CMockUpModelNot a real datamodel. debugging aid
 CMockUpNodeModelNot a real part datamodel. debugging aid
 CModelM of the MVC pattern. Handles permanent storage
 CModelBaseDatamodel-parts common part. this is inherited and contains common funcs
 CMVoiceCallEnginePure-virtual interface for voice call engine
 CNetworkConnectorEngineClass that will initiate 1 or more network connections
 CNetworkListenerClass for listening to incoming network connections
 CNetworkRequestExecutorLogic for handling tasks received from other peers or from user
 CNetworkRequestQueueItemWork queue item
 CNewClassifiedAdDialogClass for allowing posting of new classified ad
 CNewPrivMessageDialogClass for allowing posting of a message to named recipient
 CNewProfileCommentDialogClass for allowing posting of a comment about user profile
 CNewTextDocumentClass for editing and publishing a new text document
 CNodeNode is a peer in network
 CNodeModelThis is node-specific part of the datamodel
 CPasswdDialogClass for querying a password from user
 CPrivateMessageSearchModelModel-class for performing search on private messages. This is supposed to act as an underlying data-container for an user-interface view (QListView etc.)
 CPrivMessageCarrier-class for private msg inside classified ads
 CPrivMessageModelThis is is part of datamodel for storing private messages
 CProfileCarrier-class for user-profile data
 CProfileCommentCarrier-class for comments of a profile
 CProfileCommentDisplayClass for display of single classified ad
 CProfileCommentItemDelegateClass for displaying single profile comment in a list view
 CProfileCommentListingModelModel-class for performing search on comments about a profile. This is supposed to act as an underlying data-container for an user-interface view (QListView etc.)
 CProfileCommentModelThis is is part of datamodel for storing comments of user profiles
 CProfileModelThis is is part of datamodel for storing user profiles
 CProfileReadersDialogClass for allowing edit of profile readers list
 CProfileReadersListingModelModel-class for helping display of readers of a profile
 CProfileSearchModelModel-class for performing a name-based search of profiles. This is supposed to act as an underlying data-container for an user-interface view (QListView etc.)
 CProtocolMessageFormatterThis class produces items sent to peers over network
 CProtocolMessageParserClass containing routines for parsing protocol messages. Methods are mainly called from network connection instances and this class will forward the parsed protocol entities to datamodel
 CPublishingEngineNetwork-connection logic relating content publish demands
 CPublishItemCarrier for keeping state of item about to be published
 CRetrievalEngineNetwork-connection logic relating fetching items from DHT
 CRingtonePlayerClass for alerting user in case of incoming call
 CSearchDisplayClass for search dialog
 CSearchModelModel-class for performing text-based searches on objects in db This datamodel part is dual-use ; it inherits listmodel so that it may be used as underlaying data-container for list views. It may also be used as engine of network searches that happen invisibly to user e.g. those queries do not modify the content shown to UI via QAbstractListModel
 CSendQueueItemSend-queue item
 CSettingsDialogClass for editing node-wide settings
 CStatusDialogClass for displaying connections status
 CTextEditText editor class
 CTrustTreeModelThis is is part of datamodel for trust tree related operation
 CVoiceCallCarrier-class handling audio negotiation setup and data
 CVoiceCallEngineNetwork-related logic for handling voice channel between nodes