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NewProfileCommentDialog Class Reference

class for allowing posting of a comment about user profile More...

#include <newprofilecommentdialog.h>

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void error (MController::CAErrorSituation aError, const QString &aExplanation)
- Signals inherited from DialogBase
void error (MController::CAErrorSituation aError, const QString &aExplanation)

Public Member Functions

 NewProfileCommentDialog (QWidget *aParent, MController *aController, const QString &aCommentedProfile, const QString &aSubject, Profile &aSelectedProfile, ProfileCommentListingModel &aCommentListingModel, const Hash &aReferencesMsg=KNullHash, const Hash &aReferencesCa=KNullHash, const Hash &aRecipientsNode=KNullHash)
 ~NewProfileCommentDialog ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TextEdit
 TextEdit (QWidget *aParent, MController *aController, Profile &aSelectedProfile)
 ~TextEdit ()
void initializeTextEditor (QTextEdit *aTextEdit, QLayout *aLayOutForMenu, QLayout *aWidgetForActionsUpper, QLayout *aWidgetForActionsLower)

Private Slots

void okButtonClicked ()
void cancelButtonClicked ()

Private Member Functions

Hash tryFindRecipientNode (const Hash &aRecipientFingerPrint)

Private Attributes

Ui_newProfileCommentDialog ui
Hash iReferencesMsg
Hash iReferencesCa
Hash iRecipientsNode

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Slots inherited from TextEdit
virtual void linkReady (const QString &aLinkAddress, const QString &aLinkLabel)
- Protected Slots inherited from DialogBase
void attachButtonClicked ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TextEdit
virtual void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *e)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DialogBase
 DialogBase (QWidget *aParent, MController *aController, Profile &aSelectedProfile)
Hash publishBinaryAttachment (const MetadataQueryDialog::MetadataResultSet &aFileMetadata, bool aForceNoEncryption=false, const QList< Hash > *aBinaryRecipientList=NULL)
- Protected Attributes inherited from TextEdit
QTextEdit * textEdit
- Protected Attributes inherited from DialogBase
QList< MetadataQueryDialog::MetadataResultSetiFilesAboutToBeAttached
QLabel * iAttachmentListLabel

Detailed Description

class for allowing posting of a comment about user profile

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NewProfileCommentDialog::NewProfileCommentDialog ( QWidget *  aParent,
MController aController,
const QString &  aCommentedProfile,
const QString &  aSubject,
Profile aSelectedProfile,
ProfileCommentListingModel aCommentListingModel,
const Hash aReferencesMsg = KNullHash,
const Hash aReferencesCa = KNullHash,
const Hash aRecipientsNode = KNullHash 


aParentis owner-window of this dialog
aControllerapplication controller reference
aCommentedProfileis fingerprint of the profile that is about to be commented. If KNullHash, then dialog will open with empty recipient
aSubjectif comment is reply to another comment, this is subject of the original posting
aSelectedProfileprofile doing the sending
aReferencesMsgif msg is reply to another msg, this is article referenced. NULL if article is start of a new thread.
NewProfileCommentDialog::~NewProfileCommentDialog ( )


Member Function Documentation

void NewProfileCommentDialog::cancelButtonClicked ( )
void NewProfileCommentDialog::error ( MController::CAErrorSituation  aError,
const QString &  aExplanation 
void NewProfileCommentDialog::okButtonClicked ( )
Hash NewProfileCommentDialog::tryFindRecipientNode ( const Hash aRecipientFingerPrint)

Member Data Documentation

ProfileCommentListingModel& NewProfileCommentDialog::iCommentListingModel
Hash NewProfileCommentDialog::iRecipientsNode
Hash NewProfileCommentDialog::iReferencesCa

if we're referencing ca, this is the FP

Hash NewProfileCommentDialog::iReferencesMsg

if we're referencing another msg, this is the FP

Ui_newProfileCommentDialog NewProfileCommentDialog::ui

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