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BinaryFile Class Reference

Carrier-class for binary blob. More...

#include <binaryfile.h>

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Public Types

enum  LocalStorageStatus { FileIsLocallyStored, FileIsNotLocallyStored, LocalStorageStatusUnknown }

Public Member Functions

 BinaryFile (const Hash &aHash)
 ~BinaryFile ()
QString displayName () const
QByteArray asJSon (const MController &aController) const
bool fromJSon (const QByteArray &aJSonBytes, const MController &aController)

Public Attributes

const Hash iFingerPrint
QString iMimeType
QString iDescription
QString iOwner
QString iContentOwner
QString iLicense
QString iFileName
quint32 iTimeOfPublish
bool iIsEncrypted
bool iIsCompressed
LocalStorageStatus iLocalStorageStatus

Detailed Description

Carrier-class for binary blob.

Instances of this class are stored and retrieved using BinaryFileModel. Lets decide that this class carries the metadata only, actual octet-stream of the file is retrieved using a QByteArray only, there is method for that in the model.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum for storing information if we have file locally or not


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BinaryFile::BinaryFile ( const Hash aHash)


BinaryFile::~BinaryFile ( )


Member Function Documentation

QByteArray BinaryFile::asJSon ( const MController aController) const

returns file data as JSon stream

QString BinaryFile::displayName ( ) const

method for string that is shown to user about the file. Most often could be original name from filesystem but other explanation too..

string to display to user
bool BinaryFile::fromJSon ( const QByteArray &  aJSonBytes,
const MController aController 

parses json into members

Member Data Documentation

QString BinaryFile::iContentOwner

if someone owns the content, name or SHA1 fp

QString BinaryFile::iDescription

what is inside

QString BinaryFile::iFileName

name of the file-system file

const Hash BinaryFile::iFingerPrint

file hash

bool BinaryFile::iIsCompressed

needs to be in DB, not in JSon

bool BinaryFile::iIsEncrypted
QString BinaryFile::iLicense

restriction in usage;PD or GPL or C-C or anything?

LocalStorageStatus BinaryFile::iLocalStorageStatus
QString BinaryFile::iMimeType

what kind of data

QString BinaryFile::iOwner

fingerprint of publisher

quint32 BinaryFile::iTimeOfPublish

seconds since 1-jan-1970

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