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NewClassifiedAdDialog Class Reference

class for allowing posting of new classified ad More...

#include <newclassifiedaddialog.h>

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void error (MController::CAErrorSituation aError, const QString &aExplanation)
- Signals inherited from DialogBase
void error (MController::CAErrorSituation aError, const QString &aExplanation)

Public Member Functions

 NewClassifiedAdDialog (QWidget *aParent, MController *aController, int aAboutComboxIndex, int aRegardingComboxIndex, int aWhereComboxIndex, const QString &aAboutComboText, const QString &aRegardingComboText, const QString &aWhereComboxText, Profile &aSelectedProfile, CAListingModel &aCaListingModel, const Hash *aReferences=NULL, const QString *aSubject=NULL)
 ~NewClassifiedAdDialog ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TextEdit
 TextEdit (QWidget *aParent, MController *aController, Profile &aSelectedProfile)
 ~TextEdit ()
void initializeTextEditor (QTextEdit *aTextEdit, QLayout *aLayOutForMenu, QLayout *aWidgetForActionsUpper, QLayout *aWidgetForActionsLower)

Private Slots

void okButtonClicked ()
void cancelButtonClicked ()

Private Attributes

Ui_newCaDialog ui
Hash iReferences

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Slots inherited from TextEdit
virtual void linkReady (const QString &aLinkAddress, const QString &aLinkLabel)
- Protected Slots inherited from DialogBase
void attachButtonClicked ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TextEdit
virtual void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *e)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DialogBase
 DialogBase (QWidget *aParent, MController *aController, Profile &aSelectedProfile)
Hash publishBinaryAttachment (const MetadataQueryDialog::MetadataResultSet &aFileMetadata, bool aForceNoEncryption=false, const QList< Hash > *aBinaryRecipientList=NULL)
- Protected Attributes inherited from TextEdit
QTextEdit * textEdit
- Protected Attributes inherited from DialogBase
QList< MetadataQueryDialog::MetadataResultSetiFilesAboutToBeAttached
QLabel * iAttachmentListLabel

Detailed Description

class for allowing posting of new classified ad

Inherits DialogBase via TextEdit where most editing functionality comes from.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NewClassifiedAdDialog::NewClassifiedAdDialog ( QWidget *  aParent,
MController aController,
int  aAboutComboxIndex,
int  aRegardingComboxIndex,
int  aWhereComboxIndex,
const QString &  aAboutComboText,
const QString &  aRegardingComboText,
const QString &  aWhereComboxText,
Profile aSelectedProfile,
CAListingModel aCaListingModel,
const Hash aReferences = NULL,
const QString *  aSubject = NULL 


aParentis owner-window of this dialog
aControllerapplication controller reference
aAboutComboxIndexindex of combobox of "about" in classification-selection
aRegardingComboxIndexindex of combobox of "regarding" in classification-selection
aWhereComboxIndexindex of combobox of "in" in classification-selection
aAboutComboTexttext of combobox in of "about" in classification-selection ; this may be text typed by user, in which case the index (aAboutComboxIndex) is ignored
aRegardingComboTexttext of combobox in of "regarding" in classification-selection
aWhereComboxTexttext of combobox in of "where" in classification-selection
aSelectedProfileprofile doing the sending
aReferencesif CA is reply to another CA, this is article referenced. NULL if article is start of a new thread.
aSubjectif CA is reply to another CA, this is subject of the original posting
NewClassifiedAdDialog::~NewClassifiedAdDialog ( )


Member Function Documentation

void NewClassifiedAdDialog::cancelButtonClicked ( )
void NewClassifiedAdDialog::error ( MController::CAErrorSituation  aError,
const QString &  aExplanation 
void NewClassifiedAdDialog::okButtonClicked ( )

Member Data Documentation

CAListingModel& NewClassifiedAdDialog::iCAListingModel
Hash NewClassifiedAdDialog::iReferences

if we're referencing another CA, this is the FP

Ui_newCaDialog NewClassifiedAdDialog::ui

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