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MVoiceCallEngine::CallData Class Reference

#include <mvoicecallengine.h>

Public Attributes

quint32 iCallId
quint32 iSeqNo
quint32 iTimeStamp
PayloadType iPayloadType
QByteArray iPayload

Detailed Description

Data transfer object for call data

Member Data Documentation

quint32 MVoiceCallEngine::CallData::iCallId

identifer for the stream

QByteArray MVoiceCallEngine::CallData::iPayload

Actual data

PayloadType MVoiceCallEngine::CallData::iPayloadType

What is inside iPayload

quint32 MVoiceCallEngine::CallData::iSeqNo

running number for packets in stream

quint32 MVoiceCallEngine::CallData::iTimeStamp

milliseconds since start of the stream

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