Classified ads is free software. You may download, copy, install, use and modify the program if you can comply to requirements of GNU Lesser General Public License that has many requirements and is complex but the core idea of LGPL is that

  • When you give a copy of Classified Ads to your friend, you need to tell her that she can also do the same to her friends, e.g. give away copies free of charge if she wants to. Asking a fee is not forbidden but recipient of the copy must be made aware that it is ok to further copy the software.
  • If giving your friend a runnable, compiled version of the program, so called binary distribution the source-code must also be included. If you have not modified the program yourself, making the recipient aware of this website is enough because the source code may be found from here.
  • If you have modified the program in any way and give away copies of the modified program you absolutely must include the changes in source-code format so that the recipient of the copy can continue modifying the program as she wishes
  • You can include any part of Classified Ads in your own programming works, with condition that the same licensing applies also to these derived works.

If you can not comply to terms stated above, you are forbidden from using Classifed Ads at all.

Copyright holder of Classified Ads is Antti Järvinen, since year 2013.

This website about Classified Ads (html, css etc.) is based on template made by Metamorphosis Design and it is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

License text controlling design of layout, style and some graphics of this website may be found here:

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