Latest version is 0.16

0.16 Adds 2nd root node and new translations. Sometimes connecting to p2p network should be faster.
0.15 is required if OpenSSL 3.x is used. Also includes automatic image scaling if sharing photos.
Classified ads is included in popular linux distributions. Windows users may enjoy chocolatey or use Microsoft store.

What it is

Classified ads is free and reliable messaging system

Exchange and store public and private messages with your fellows with no need to make contracts with service providers or give out personal details to any external party. Since v0.91 includes also VoIP calls between operators. Sell and buy used cars, computers and clothes and more.

How to install

Free software!

Please visit download page hosted at github. Pre-compiled binaries for ubuntu, fedora and microsoft windows available. For debian and ubuntu install using apt-get from normal repository, if using fedora-24 or later, use dnf to install

Example use cases

Post a public message for whole world to see

This is the simplest thing,
inside classified ads a public message is the major feature. Select classification for your ad, type in text and publish your message. No fee can be included.

Keep tabs about your frequent contacts

Inside classified ads your personal message address is a number, ugly 160 bit digest;

But there is powerful search function for finding persons/organizations that have included their name in their personal details and there is possibility to keep a contact list of your messaging peers.

Set up private messaging groups

Privacy inside classified ads is implemented around operator profiles that are public or private.
Create a private operator profile (you may have any number of those), add your friends to list of profile readers and you and your friends are ready to share messages inside the group.

Used communication protocol is designed around peer to peer concepts and there is no central server-computer for any purpose and no way to use such.

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