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NetworkRequestExecutor::NetworkRequestQueueItem Struct Reference

Work queue item. More...

#include <netrequestexecutor.h>

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Public Attributes

ProtocolItemType iRequestType
Hash iDestinationNode
Hash iRequestedItem
quint32 iTimeStampOfItem
quint32 iTimeStampOfLastActivity
NetworkRequestState iState
int iMaxNumberOfItems
QList< quint32 > iBangPath
QList< HashiWishListForNodesAround

Detailed Description

Work queue item.

Have this kind of items in the queue waiting to be processed and finally sent to destination (if still connected)

Member Data Documentation

◆ iBangPath

QList<quint32> NetworkRequestExecutor::NetworkRequestQueueItem::iBangPath

bang-path is used in publish-operations

◆ iDestinationNode

Hash NetworkRequestExecutor::NetworkRequestQueueItem::iDestinationNode

◆ iMaxNumberOfItems

int NetworkRequestExecutor::NetworkRequestQueueItem::iMaxNumberOfItems

◆ iRequestedItem

Hash NetworkRequestExecutor::NetworkRequestQueueItem::iRequestedItem

◆ iRequestType

ProtocolItemType NetworkRequestExecutor::NetworkRequestQueueItem::iRequestType

this iRequestType contais dual-use values. if request type is RequestFor..something and the iDestinationNode is KNullHash then it means that it the user that is requesting the content so this request is sent to neighboring nodes.

other possibility is that we receive RequestFor..something from neighboring node, in which case we have the iDestinationNode set, pointing back to node that wants the content. In this case we try fetch the content from local reposity and send it to given node.

◆ iState

NetworkRequestState NetworkRequestExecutor::NetworkRequestQueueItem::iState

◆ iTimeStampOfItem

quint32 NetworkRequestExecutor::NetworkRequestQueueItem::iTimeStampOfItem

◆ iTimeStampOfLastActivity

quint32 NetworkRequestExecutor::NetworkRequestQueueItem::iTimeStampOfLastActivity

◆ iWishListForNodesAround

QList<Hash> NetworkRequestExecutor::NetworkRequestQueueItem::iWishListForNodesAround

this is initially empty. when iState is set to RequestBeingSentAround then this list here gets populated with the nodes around

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