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CA Class Reference

Carrier-class for classified ad. More...

#include <ca.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CA ()
 ~CA ()
QString displayName () const
QByteArray asJSon (const MController &aController) const
bool fromJSon (const QByteArray &aJSonBytes, const MController &aController)

Public Attributes

Hash iFingerPrint
QString iSenderName
Hash iSenderHash
quint32 iTimeOfPublish
QList< HashiAttachedFiles
QString iSubject
Hash iReplyTo
QString iGroup
QString iMessageText
QByteArray iProfileKey
int iAboutComboBoxIndex
int iConcernsComboBoxIndex
int iInComboBoxIndex
QString iAboutComboBoxText
QString iConcernsComboBoxText
QString iInComboBoxText

Detailed Description

Carrier-class for classified ad.

Instances of this class are stored and retrieved using ClassifiedAdsModel.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CA()

CA::CA ( )


◆ ~CA()

CA::~CA ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ asJSon()

QByteArray CA::asJSon ( const MController aController) const

returns ad data as JSon stream

◆ displayName()

QString CA::displayName ( ) const

method for string that is shown to user about the ad.

string to display to user

◆ fromJSon()

bool CA::fromJSon ( const QByteArray &  aJSonBytes,
const MController aController 

parses json into members

Member Data Documentation

◆ iAboutComboBoxIndex

int CA::iAboutComboBoxIndex

◆ iAboutComboBoxText

QString CA::iAboutComboBoxText

◆ iAttachedFiles

QList<Hash> CA::iAttachedFiles

file attachements ; they're published as normal binary blobs and then just listed here

◆ iConcernsComboBoxIndex

int CA::iConcernsComboBoxIndex

◆ iConcernsComboBoxText

QString CA::iConcernsComboBoxText

◆ iFingerPrint

Hash CA::iFingerPrint

hash of the message text .. more specifically hash of the ad when it is serialized into json

◆ iGroup

QString CA::iGroup

about-concerning-where -string - a bit like usenet newsgroup

◆ iInComboBoxIndex

int CA::iInComboBoxIndex

◆ iInComboBoxText

QString CA::iInComboBoxText

◆ iMessageText

QString CA::iMessageText

actual message here

◆ iProfileKey

QByteArray CA::iProfileKey

in case of private profile, include only key

◆ iReplyTo

Hash CA::iReplyTo

Possible reference to another post that this is reply to

◆ iSenderHash

Hash CA::iSenderHash

profile fingerprint of the sender

◆ iSenderName

QString CA::iSenderName

nickname/display-name of sender ; may empty if private profile

◆ iSubject

QString CA::iSubject

Subject of the post

◆ iTimeOfPublish

quint32 CA::iTimeOfPublish

seconds since 1-jan-1970

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