Classified ads is free software licensed under LGPL and in its implementation heavily relies on number of software libraries developed by many great individuals who also have decided to share their work under a license that permits others to construct their effort on shoulders of said giants.

There is no organization for running any service for Classified Ads. There is development organization implementing new features and fixing bugs but what it comes to using Classified Ads, the "About us" section can most easily be seen in a mirror -> the biggest "thank you" goes to all users of Classified Ads that keep on using the program because the running instances of Classified Ads are responsible for transmitting and storing messages sent and received by users ; that is the very nature of peer-to-peer approach. Users are encouraged to leave the program running whenever their computer is powered on, this makes the whole network of Classified Ads nodes to operate most efficiently

But what it comes to development of the program, Classified ads would not have been possible without contribution from free software developers.

Biggest thanks regarding used free software packages goes to developers of linux, Qt libraries, OpenSSL, qjson, sqlite and miniupnpc. Just to mention a few.

The programming work to sew used software libraries into working user interface for message exchange purpose is mainly done by Antti Järvinen with help from others. Help in graphics design was received from Meeri Järvinen. Invaluable help regarding licensing, packaging and software quality assurance has been received from individuals participating in debian gnu/linux project and fedora linux development.

As is case with all open-source software, the software is never finished nor complete. Contributions are always welcome. If you use Classified Ads and have any kind of improvement made to the program, let it be

  • Translation to previously unsupported language (good starting point is fedora weblate),
  • Fix to errorneous behaviour,
  • Feature addition,
  • Port to previously unsupported computing platform,
  • Graphics modification or
  • Suggestion how the programs user interface should behave
please make contact with program author to have your changes included in next software release for the whole world to utilitize.