Here you may download sikaSimplex

SikaSimplex is a highway logging application for openstreetmap. It only allows you to log, name and upload a road to OSM. It does not allow any other editing about any OSM data. It leaves road-ends disconnected so you'll need to use JOSM or Potlatch to refine your edits. SikaSimplex is copyright (C) Antti Järvinen 2009.

Motivation for this tool was that adding roads to OSM from GPX tracks is a cumbersome process. As modern mobile phones do include GPS device and can run maps like GpsMid and are connected via tcp/ip then why not log the data directly from the phone .. except that no such tool existed in usable condition. SikaSimplex now allow road tracking, GpsMid by the way offers some other editing functions. With SikaSimplex you can have your roads logged/tracked end-to-end, named and uploaded to OSM.

Running sikaSimplex requires that you have

SikaSimplex may be used and copied according to GPL

For sikaSimplex 0.01 aka "Juurussuo" jad and jar for installation are here and source code lingers here

Documentation generated from source code is here and brief documentation written in hand is here. SW is tested in Nokia N95 that has internal GPS. This is a simple app so any connected JSR-179 -capable phone might work.

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